‘We're All In?' Fans Poke Fun at New Chargers Slogan

With the question over which town the Chargers will ultimately call home looming, the Chargers' marketing team rolled out an ironic slogan for this season:

“We’re all in.”

We’re all in? Many fans took to social media to question the slogan and poke fun at the choice of words.

“Chargers ‘ slogan should be: “We’re all packed,” tweeted Art Leider.

Jay Bandoy tweeted in response to NBC 7's Derek Togerson's tweet: "Oof. That gambling saying reminds me of that Snipes movie where he says, 'Always bet on black!'...like Raiders?! #sublanyard."

The team, whose legal counsel has indicated a strong desire to pursue a deal that would put the team in the LA area, rolled out the slogan on the team’s lanyards and on fan T-shirts and even in a promotional video.

NBC 7 posted a photo of the “We’re All In” lanyards on its Instagram page and dozens responded with negative comments.

“We’re all in?? Please…All in with LA,” @susiq1968 commented.

“Would that be the LA Chargers?” @jenthebrat wrote.

“The empty seats would suggest fans are over it,” @chuckintools commented.

We took the comments to a spokesman for the Chargers, who said the team was “going to pass” on giving a response.

What do you think – are you “all in” no matter where the team calls home? Leave a comment below.

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