San Diego County Sheriff's Department

Man Orders People to Get on Ground at Solana Beach Bank

The man did not have a weapon, officials said

A man was arrested Thursday after he attempted to rob a bank in Solana Beach, ordering several staffers and customers to get on the floor.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSO) said Clint Gray, 35, entered a Wells Fargo bank located at 245 Santa Helena just after 9 a.m., yelling at the people inside, telling them he intended on robbing the bank.

Officials said three customers and several employees were in the bank when Gray walked in. The suspect told everyone to get on the ground; the customers and staffers did as they were told.

Gray then told the group to call the sheriff’s department. The SDSO received several 911 calls from the people inside the bank.

Gray waited inside the bank until deputies arrived; he was arrested at the scene.

Deputies said Gray did not have a weapon and did not end up stealing anything from the bank. No one was hurt, the SDSO confirmed.

Gray faces one charge of attempted robbery. He was booked into the Vista Detention Facility.

No further details were released.

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