How about a little drizzle to start your day, San Diego?

It's starting to feel like fall in San Diego

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Low clouds, patchy drizzle and cooler temperatures are how San Diego County denizens are starting off the last week of summer. Fall officially starts on Saturday, Sept. 23.

Overall, temperatures are running lower than normal for Sunday and Monday across the county, according to NBC 7 meteorologist Greg Bledsoe.

Measurable rainfall fell over the county overnight, continuing to bring patchy drizzle into the morning, Bledsoe adds.

Low clouds so covered the San Diego County region on Sunday morning that one El Cajon resident asked the National Weather Service of San Diego on social media platform X if the fall-like weather means they should grab a pumpkin spice latte as soon as possible.

"Get that PSL ASAP...go,go!" The NWS wrote back.

San Diego County coastal and beach communities

Coastal and beach communities will see temperatures in the upper 60s Sunday morning, rising slightly into the upper 70s in the afternoons, where cloud cover will still remain dominant, according to Bledsoe. Some patchy drizzle collected overnight, even into the inland valleys.

San Diego County inland valleys

Inland valley communities are experiencing very similar conditions, starting the morning out in the mid-60s into the upper 70s. By the afternoon, some sun may peek out for inland valley dwellers.

Week ahead forecast

The last week of summer in San Diego County will look cooler than usual, with temperatures in the 70s for the coast and the 70s to lower 80s for the inland valleys.

The mountain regions are starting the week off in the lower 70s on Sunday, warming to the lower 70s for Monday, then cooling down as the week progresses.

Desert dwellers are feeling the hottest temperatures in the region, starting off at 98 degrees on Sunday and lowering slightly to 96 on Monday. Temperatures will gradually lower to 85 on Thursday.

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