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Weapons Found in Home of Westview High Student Accused of Making Threats

Nine knives, a hatchet and a gas mask were found in the student's room, according to a police report

Weapons were found in the home of a 16-year-old student who is accused of making a threat during class at Westview High School in the Torrey Highlands neighborhood of San Diego. 

The student is accused of making a verbal threat during class on Nov. 1. The student told his teacher he would "rather kill everyone in the class rather than do another assignment," according to a San Diego Police Department report.

When the teacher pressed on about what he had said, the teacher claimed the student mentioned killing five times, about killing her, and other students.

The school started an investigation three days later and found that students in the class did not hear the alleged threat.

The 16-year-old spoke with the school and police and denied making any statement about killing the teacher or anyone in the class. He said if he made any statement, it was about killing himself, as a figure of speech, according to the report.

The police department's Psychiatric Emergency Response Team took the student to Rady Children's Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

The student's parents were cooperative with authorities during the investigation and told police "they have numerous weapons in the home."

In the home police found "nine knives, a hatchet, swords, a gas mask and some guns that are old, unused and stored." The father told police he was aware of the weapons and said he will not allow his son to have anymore access to the weapons.

Other parents at the school were alarmed to hear the report's findings.

"These kids don't know what they're doing, their brains are not ready to handle all the pressure, all the stress. You just can't give them access to deadly weapons," said Westview High School parent, Kathy Hall.

Police filed a petition for gun violence restraining order, but the City Attorney's Office said it couldn't comment whether the weapons were removed from the home because the student is a juvenile.

Westview High School is part of the Poway Unified School District. 

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