‘We Want the Bikes Back': Attorneys Take on Case of Confiscated Bikes

Two attorneys are taking on the case of a group of cyclists who had their bikes confiscated for riding on military land.

Marines patrolling MCAS Miramar cited 45 bicyclists and seized their bikes last month because the military contends they were trespassing on federal land. Armed officers detained people in the group and slapped each of them with a $500 citation.

At the time, several of the cyclists said they had no idea they were riding on federal land.

Many of those cyclists say they have yet to have their bikes returned. Military officials say they’re holding on to the bikes as evidence until the cases are resolved through a federal magistrate.

That’s too long, two attorneys contend.

“I think it’s overkill to hang onto $7,000 bicycles for an extended period of time,” said attorney David Brahms, a retired brigadeir general with the U.S. Marine Corps.

“We want the bikes back now,” echoed attorney Richard Duquette. “We’re educating through the (San Diego) Mountain Biking Association and their representatives as to the areas off limits.”

In a statement, Miramar officials said they take “great interest and caution” in the issue of hikers and mountain bikers trespassing Miramar property.

The statement promises that all the bikes will be returned once the citations have settled their citations and the cases have been resolved.

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