San Marcos

We See Dark Skies, Farmers See Money

Rainstorms brings a financial gift to farmers who spend thousands on irrigation.

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“The biggest thing that helps us is rainstorms.”

Kyle Rosa states the obvious. However, Wednesday’s rain was merely the highpoint of an emotional roller coaster he rides with the weather.

Rosa owns the Bluetail Coffee Grove.

“We’re an organic coffee farm here in the San Marcos hills in North County, San Diego,” he said. “We’re growing six different species of coffee. We’re testing to see if San Diego’s a viable climate for coffee to grow.”

Rosa said the climate is great for his grove, but the lack of rain is not.

“The water bill adds up pretty quickly,” he said while standing between plants. “We still have to pay for the water and the water is one of the most expensive items that we have going in.”

This week’s rain is money in his pocket.

“When you get an inch of rain, you shut your water off for a week.”

Rosa said that inch could equal hundreds of dollars off his water bill. Rain is one of the few oddities in San Diego’s forecast that makes him smile. The roller coaster weather he experiences in the San Marcos hills keeps him on his toes.

“You know, wind gusts of 50 miles an hour and then I freak out,” he smiled. “Then it’s going to be rainstorm coming and then I jump for joy. And then it’s going to be 110 next week and then I get a little scared.”

For this week, Rosa said he’d embrace the joy.

“Yeah, anytime it rains, it’s a good thing.”

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