‘We Know People Know Something'

A family pleaded for help Tuesday, wanting to know how their daughter died.

"It's something that we live with everyday, and we know people know something," said Torres' said Beatriz Torres, the victim's sister.

The Torres family should have been celebrating Filirican Torres' birthday on Wednesday. Instead, her two young daughters wept while family members recalled Torres' horrible death death two years ago. Torres was pushed -- or fell -- out of a vehicle on state Route 94, near Euclid Avenue.
Filirican's father said his daughter was last seen alive after work at a bus stop near the intersection of Fairmount Avenue and Redwood Street.

"From going across the street from where she was working, to end up in the freeway getting run over  by a semi-truck and four other vehicles just does not make sense whatsoever," said her father, Juan Torres.

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