Waterfront Park Music Festival to Draw 15K This Weekend

Some concerned about vandalism, noise and traffic

A two-day electronic music festival at downtown San Diego’s Waterfront Park this weekend has some residents worried about vandalism, noise and traffic.

The park that sits on the Embarcadero is popular among those seeking the free fountains, lawn and playground.

On Friday, much of the park was already closed as stage crews hung lights and plug in speakers, preparing for the CRSSD Electronic Music Festival. The event is expected to draw a 21-and-over crowd of nearly 15,000 people on Saturday and Sunday.

But officials say the event will be a boon for the county, as the park is being rented for $33,000, nearly one-third of the revenue officials hope to generate this year through private events.

But some locals worry the park will be trashed.

“The aftermath: Is there going to be trash everywhere? (And) the cleanliness of the water if there’s a big concert,” said resident Desiree Jacobs.

County officials say that organizers will pay for any damage and any plants that could get trampled.

CRSSD CEO Johnny Shockey said his crews will lay plywood under the heavy stages and equipment. Plus, security guards will be on guards and there will also be plenty of porta potties.

The park will reopen to the public on Monday.

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