Water Gushed Into Escondido Street After Main Break

An early morning water main break in Escondido may leave Broadway closed until Wednesday afternoon as crews work to fix the broken pipe and street. 

A Sig alert was issued for the break shortly before 6 a.m. Tuesday after the break on Broadway left what one official on scene estimated was nearly 10,000 gallons of water a minute gushing from the broken pipe. Officials said the break happened at approximately 4 a.m. 

One the water stopped gushing and water officials surveyed the damage, they said the 10 inch iron pipe likely burst due to the rain and colder weather.

Crews are on scene working to put in a new pipe, but repairs could take up until Wednesday morning because the road needs to be repaved as well. A block of the street is closed as they fix the damage. 

The pipe broke behind Central Elementary School where water to the school was temporarily lost, though crews were able to restore it later that morning. 

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