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Pipe Bursts, Floods San Marcos Church

The church leaders say they will find a way to hold mass

Water flooded a San Marcos church Thursday after a fire sprinkler water line broke underneath the church overnight.

Crews with the Vista Fire Department rushed to Palomar Korean Church on Bosstick Boulevard near S. Santa Fe after when a fire alarm went off at the facility at about 2 a.m.

Firefighters arrived to water bubbling up from the ground. They quickly determined a pipe burst and shut off water flow, VFD Capt. Matt Kennedy said. 

About 10 firefighters with both the Vista and San Marcos fire departments worked to sweep the water out of the church.  

"Were moving furniture out of the way and were trying to get as much water out to help the property owner as much as we can," Kennedy said.

The pressure of the water was so strong, the concrete foundation of one support pillar was blown out and the walls of the sanctuary were cracked. 

"The whole foundation kind of moved a little bit," said Assistant Pastor Jae Yu. "We have to find out if this is really serious or not but it looks like it's going to be."

"It's getting worse and worse," he said.

The pews were elevated on small squares of styrofoam and there was minimal damage to furniture and other items.

The church will find a way to continue mass for their approximately 300 attendees. 

Yu said the organization had other facilities on site that they could use in the meantime. 

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