Water Main Break Causes School Closure, Again

A water main break in Bay Park has caused the closure of a school for the fifth time, according to school officials. 

The break occurred at the 1700 Block of Illion Street at 3:30am Thursday.  City Water Department spokesman Aryan Collins said a 12-inch concrete water main broke at the site, interrupting service to at least six homes.  A 20-yard section of the street was damaged by the break.  Crews began working to repair the water main and the street immediately.

Donna Wittouck, Principal of the School of the Madeleine said it was the fifth time the same water main has broken.  "Our poor parents.  It's not easy to get a call at 6:00am and try to make provisions for babysitters and childcare," she said.  Wittouck said the school had contacted the parents of more than 600 students who attend the school. 

The last time the water main broke was in December.   And the frequent breaks are causing great frustration with school officials.  "Something obviously needs to be done because they patch one place and then another place breaks.  This one exploded.  As you can see this place is a mess," said Wittouck.

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