Water Line Bursts, Floods W Hotel

Water from a broken pipe did "extensive damage" to parts of the W Hotel, managers told NBC 7

Guests are avoiding some major flooding after a big water line burst inside the W Hotel Monday night.

Water started leaking from the third floor, through the roof and down onto floors below around 8:15 p.m. inside the hotel at 421 W. B Street.

Joyce Baghtassarian was staying at the W Hotel on her trip to San Diego from Los Angeles. She was heading out the door to go to dinner when she noticed water flowing from the elevators.

"I called the front desk to ask what was going on and they said you cant leave. I said what do you mean and they said we're having an emergency right now and you just can't leave," she said.

Water poured from the light fixtures and from windows - even into the hotel lobby.

San Diego Fire crews tried to help fix the flooding, but the damage done is more than the firefighters were prepared to handle. Instead, an outside company that specializes in flooding cleanup was called in to deal with it.

Guests rooms were not damaged in the flooding, hotel management told NBC 7. There was extensive damage to other areas of the hotel including some flooding into the lobby, they said.

The hotel's manager said no vistors were ordered to leave. However, guests were given the option to stay at a sister hotel if they want.

Flooding W Hotel San Diego: Images

There were guests who chose to leave, some fearing there would be no water left after the fix was in place.

Baghtassarian opted to try and make the best of a bad situation.

"I guess that may happen in a hotel, it's never happened before but we're going to make the best out of it," she said. 

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