WATCH: Superhero Has A Message For Dean Spanos

Green Arrow actor gets in to character to support Chargers fans

The consensus among the San Diego Chargers fan base is they have not been treated very well by team owner Dean Spanos. That opinion is apparently shared by the superhero community.

Stephen Amell, the actor who plays Oliver Queen on the hit TV show, "Arrow," is also a big sports fan. He got in to character to send a message to the Bolts ownership about what has happened, and how they can make amends. (warning, there is a bit of salty language involved)

Stephen Amell, who plays superhero The Green Arrow in the television series, was asked about how the Chargers have handled their stadium search.

In case you're unfamiliar with the meaning of, "You have failed this city," it's the iconic line the Arrow uses when facing down villains on the show. If you hear it, you're very likely in very, very deep trouble.

(DISCLAIMER: we are not, in any way, endorsing physical harm to anyone associated with the San Diego Chargers football team ... this is for popular culture and entertainment purposes only)

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