WATCH: SoCal jewelry store owners fight off burglar

Video captured the struggle at Meza's Jewelry on Main Street in the community east of Los Angeles.

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Owners of a jewelry store in El Monte defended their business from a robbery attempt on Saturday. 

Video shows the struggle between the man and the employees as he headed towards the door to make a run for it. 

Smashed glass could be seen all over the establishment as the owners wrestled with the man. 

Meza’s Jewelry is located at 10909 Main St. in El Monte. 

The owner says one of the thieves sprayed bear spray on her uncle and then began smashing the display cases. 

“My dad and my brother started hitting him, and then he brings out the pepper spray and started spraying everyone,” the owner said. “We’re angry and we’re also worried because when he left he turned to my brother and said he was gonna kill all of us.”

The man is seen on video running away from the business from which he was not able to steal anything.

In addition to the video, the jewelry store may have captured security footage of the would-be thief when he was believed to have visited the shop four weeks ago.

Employees said the man visited the store and asked questions about the merchandise, but didn't purchase anything. They now believe he may have been casing their shop.

El Monte Police say the man did get away and they have not been able to arrest him. The department said officers are confident they can identify and detain the perpetrator, however.

“The one that’s going to help us the most is that video that was taken by the bystanders," said Lt. Aram Choe. "We have good photo, we’ve got good video and we’ve good leads in capturing the suspect."

The store will reopen for business on Monday, its employees said.

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