WATCH: San Diego BMX Rider's Insane Stunts

Tyler Fernengel had a chance to ride through the torn up Silverdome

Tyler Fernengel is one of the top young BMX Park, Street and Dirt riders on earth. He now calls San Diego home, but Tyler is originally from Michigan.

The old Silverdome in Pontiac was once one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the U.S.A. The Super Bowl was played there. The Who and Elvis played there. But when the Lions moved to Ford Field in 2002, the old place had no anchor tenant.

In recent years the dome has fallen apart. But, now it's come back to the national spotlight ... thanks to Tyler Fernengel.

He took his BMX bike in to the tattered remains and was given a chance to go crazy, performing any trick he wanted. In this video (shot by Red Bull) Fernengel shows off skills and creativity that make him one of today's top extreme sports athletes.

Tyler Fernengel lives in San Diego, but the BMX rider is from Michigan and had a chance to ride through one of his state’s fallen landmarks. (video courtesy: Red Bull)
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