WATCH: Chargers Share NFL Draft Day Memories

What really happens on that unforgettable day?

Watching the NFL Draft can be exhilarating, nauseating, hilarious, or a useless waste of time, depending on your point of view (and I guarantee all of those are represented by somebody you know).

But that's for us watching to see WHO gets drafted. What's it like for the guys watching to see WHEN or even IF they get drafted?

Well take all those emotions and multiply it by 10 ... then you might be in the ballpark. So, for the week of the 2015 NFL Draft, we asked a few current Chargers to give us their Draft day memories.

King Dunlap was selected in the 7th round (230th overall) by the Eagles. Going so late motivated him to become a starting left tackle.

Chargers left tackle King Dunlap shares his NFL Draft Day memory.

Brandon Flowers went in the 2nd round (35th overall) by the Chiefs, but that came as a surprise to him.

Chargers cornerback Brandon Flowers shares his NFL Draft Day memory.

And my personal favorite tale comes from Jacoby Jones, who was a 3rd round pick (73rd overall) in 2007 by the Texans. To say it was an emotional day at his house is ... well, you'll see.

Chargers wide receiver Jacoby Jones shares his NFL Draft day memory.
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