Was This May Too ‘Gray?'

You don’t have to be in San Diego for long to realize that “May Gray” is a real thing.

The yearly weather pattern during the months of May and June brings persistent cloud cover, especially in the mornings.

But has this year been especially gray and gloomy?

We reached out to the National Weather Service and found it wasn't just in our heads. The average days with mostly cloudy skies in May is 11. This year, we had 15 gloomy days.

The stats also show the number of partly cloudy days was also up to 16, compared to the average of 11 days, according to the National Weather Service.

If you're quick to blame El Nino for the excessive clouds, don't. Experts say El Niño would actually cause the opposite because the warmer water means the temperature change is not as great compared to land therefore not creating the overcast conditions.

Another unusual aspect of this past May was the rain. With .44 inches, San Diego saw nearly four times the precipitation that's average for the month (.12).

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