80 Degrees in January in San Diego: A Good or Bad Thing?

The unusually warm weather in San Diego may have you asking "Where's the cold?"

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San Diegans enjoyed 80-degree weather Tuesday. You would think that’s a good thing, right?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

Some Southern California residents are asking themselves “Where’s the cold weather?”

Historically, San Diego County sees temperatures in the mid 60s from December through February.

The recent Santa Ana conditions that have recreated summer in the winter is unusual, to say the least.

Even NBC 7 meteorologist Jodi Kodesh called the forecast for Tuesday “insane.”

“We have several days of San Diego sunshine and warm temperatures ahead,” Kodesh said adding, “I cannot believe that, I cannot believe that.”

NBC 7’s Whitney Southwick agreed pointing out that the chance of little to no rain for the rest of the month is unusual.

In January, San Diego receives on average 1.98” of rain. The likelihood of seeing any precipitation is not until Jan. 29 – 30 according to Southwick.

Even February appears to be lacking in rainfall according to long-range forecasts.

Ana Magalhaes Santana shared her opinion on Facebook by posting, "Weather is nice but we need some rain the green is turning brown."

Daze Gigi agreed saying it's too hot for winter. "Kinda of scary if you think about it," she posted on Facebook. "Plus California is in a drought. We need water, it needs to rain."

However, John Eubank of Santee took the moment to brag, "Door's open, tomato plant is a foot tall!"

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