Walking Tour Offers Glimpse of Encinitas’ Rich History

You can get a closer look at Encinitas’ history during a leisurely walking tour on Saturday.

The tour starts at the oldest building in Encinitas: the old school house located at 390 West F St.

It was built in 1883 and was almost demolished in the 1980s until a group of passionate Encinitas residents stepped in.

”It was a house for 57 years, and the property was sold, and we were so afraid this building was going to get scrapped,” said Carolyn Roy Cope, vice president of the Encinitas Historical Society. “So the Encinitas Historical Society was formed to save this building.”

Cope says there is one particular item inside the school house that kids like most.

“It is a paddle used by the principal from 1954 from San Dieguito High School. And on the back there are actually several names of people that were on the back end.”

Right around the corner from the old school house on Third street is something you would not expect to see on a city street: two large boat houses.

The houses were built in 1925 by Miles Kellogg with wood recycled from the Hammond Hotel and old dance pavilion at Moonlight Beach.

The boat houses were never meant to set sail. Cope says the Encinitas Preservation Association bought them in 2007 and they’re now rented out as affordable housing units.

Preservationists are trying to get the boat houses designated as historical landmarks under a roadside attraction category.

There's a lot more about Encinitas' history and architecture you'll see and hear on the 90 minute walking tour led by a docent on Saturday.

It starts at 10 a.m. and it's free.

If you can’t make it to this one, the Encinitas Historical Society offers the tour every third Saturday of the month.

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