Walkers Wary of Suspicious Man at Lake Miramar

Women have reported the man darting from bushes and hiding in brush, though he has done nothing illegal

Several women who walk and run the five-mile trail loop around Scripps Ranch’s Lake Miramar say they’ve been startled by a man who is acting suspiciously.

The complaints range from being followed, to watching him dart in and out of the bushes, to hiding in the brush-filled areas off the main path where there aren’t dirt trails.

San Diego Police confirm the complaints.

“The person has been identified and spoken to. A long-term solution is being worked on,” said Lt. Kevin Mayer.

The situation is complicated because the man hasn’t broken any laws, but it is a startling reminder for women who walk the trail to be alert.

“I have heard of the problems they’ve had here, and I take that to heart,” said Dorothy Engel, who carries a whistle attached to her key ring.

The trail is generally well trafficked, but there are coves where single walkers or joggers might find themselves alone.

“I remember the Chelsea King incident back in Poway and that is when I started to bring my mace and rape whistle anywhere I go,” said Sammy Mahew.

Most women say they feel comfortable and safe walking the trail, but are leery of walking alone when it starts to get dark.

“It closes at 6:30 typically so we tend to come way before the sun goes down,” said Anna Nguyen.

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