VP Biden and Second Lady Visit Troops

VP makes his first visit to Camp Pendleton

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Vice President Joe Biden and the Second Lady in were in San Diego today, to visit wounded warriors and their families. NBC 7's Brandi Powell was with them at Camp Pendleton.

It was a well-deserved moment for wounded marines. Friday's visit was Vice President Biden's first trip to Camp Pendleton. His overwhelming message to the veterans and their families: Thank you.

"I just want to say, thank you. I can't tell you how much it means," Vice President Biden said. He gave thanks to fifteen marines injured in action.

Vice President Biden said he's been saying it for years, and he's always meant it: "We only have one sacred obligation, and that is to equip those we send to war, and care for those we bring home from war. It is the most significant obligation the United States of America has."

The Wounded Warrior Hope and Care Center, doesn't seem too far from home. Vice President Biden said, "Our son was in Iraq for a year, but he wasn't out kicking down doors like you all were."

The feeling of concern for military family members was familiar to him, too.

"I could see her lips moving," the Vice President described, referring to Second Lady, Dr, Jill Biden, when she was by the sink in the kitchen in the morning-time. "She was saying a prayer. She'd say a prayer, every single morning, the same prayer. Your husbands, your wives, your fathers, your mothers, your sons, your daughters. There's not a single solitary hour when you're deployed when they're not thinking about you."

Vice President Biden said he is hopeful for the future as new technologies will become available for wounded warriors' medical needs throughout their life.

"You guys are part of a generation of warriors, that literally are the finest generation of warriors the world has ever seen," Vice President Biden said to the 9/11 generation of injured marines. "We owe you more," the Vice President said, "than we'll ever be able to pay you back."

While this was Vice President Biden's first time at Camp Pendleton, back in 2009 he visited with sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan, at the Coronado Naval Base.

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