Voters Run Into Issues at Local Polling Places

Some voters around the county encountered obstacles to voting on Election Day.

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Several polling places ran out of everything from pens to provisional ballots to sleeves to cover ballots.  Sean Cunningham, a legal volunteer working at an election protection hotline (866-OURVOTE), said  the precincts with the most issues are in the South Bay area, including the southernmost polling place at the New Life Apostolic Tabernacle at 3747 Sunset Lane.  There, Cunningham said, several voters who came out to vote were not on voter rolls and as a result, many had to cast provisional ballots.
Meanwhile, at College Area polling places, there was a different set of problems. Several students showed up with absentee ballots from other states and counties, and were angered that their absentee ballots would not be accepted.  Election-protection attorneys dealt with this by telling poll workers to allow the students to cast provisional ballots for presidential candidates. However, any local ballot initiatives from out of the area would not be counted, officials said.
Those working in downtown San Diego for 866-OURVOTE received hundreds of calls on Tuesday from voters having problems.  Nationwide, 866-OURVOTE has received more than 41,000 calls, Cunningham said.

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