Volunteers Pick Up Trash at the Bay for ‘Operation Clean Sweep'

Last year eight tons of trash was collected

“Keep it clean! Operation Clean Sweep!” was the rally cry on Saturday when military and civilian volunteers flooded San Diego Bay in search of trash.

“We're out here to clean up, do our share in helping to clean up the environment, our beautiful bay and also to give back to the community and set an example for everyone else,” Leo Cesan, assistant general manager for Navy Lodge North Island, said.

Hosted by the San Diego Port Tenants Association, hundreds of volunteers picked up trash on the shore and in the water for the 26th annual “Operation Clean Sweep.”

Last year volunteers found mattresses, car batteries, shopping carts and dozens of tires among the trash. Eight tons of trash was collected.

“The people you have here work real hard taking care of other people at their jobs,” Cesan said. “This is their off time and they're here giving back to the community.”

“It's amazing to have this kind of support and that they're willing to come out here on their day off and stand out, bring their families, teach their little kids to clean up the environment,” Maria Gonzalez of the Navy Lodge said.

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