‘Voices for Children' Sheds Light on Foster Care

NBC7 San Diego begins 4-week special on non-profit group

NBC 7 is dedicating 4 weeks of stories to highlight the dramatic accomplishments of a San Diego non-profit group called Voices for Children, which is profoundly bettering the future of San Diego’s foster children.

Few realize that not only does San Diego county have as many as 5,000 children removed from abused or neglectful homes at one time but also that once these victimized children enter the Foster Care system, they still have significant challenges through no fault of their own.

While some children live with loving foster families, many live in group homes and are moved a dozen times during their childhood creating unstable childhoods and staggering statistics-- especially for those who reach 18 years old in foster care: More than 40% are homeless within their first year on their own. Roughly half don’t finish high school.

Voices for Children is changing those numbers.The group trains everyday folks to become CASA’s or Court Appointed Special Advocates.

These volunteers get to know the child, his living conditions, teachers, family and friends—and then make recommendations to the court, which makes crucial decisions for the child on everything from whether he should return to his biological family, to where he should attend school-- even whether he should be considered for adoption.

A CASA’s report to a judge is highly valued and the foster children you’ll meet tell us they cherish their CASA. We look forward to bringing you the success stories.

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