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VUSD Cuts Campus Officers to Meet 2020 Budget, Parents Urge District to Reinstate

On the same day a Santa Clarita high school student opened fire on campus killing two classmates, the Vista Unified School District (VUSD) met to discuss whether budget cuts should include school resource officers, counselors and psychologists.

Hundreds of parents and students made it clear, they don’t think it should.

"You begin this meeting asking for a moment of silence for our poor students who lost their lives in Santa Clarita. Why don't you have a moment of silence for the student and staff that will be lost if we do not put the money where it needs to be put,” one student said.

Thursday night’s meeting was the third the board has held to discuss different ways to cut $13.3 million from their budget for the 2020-2021 school year.

VUSD Superintendent Matt Doyle said the school resource officers were part of the cuts last Wednesday but discussions have been ongoing about reinstating them. 

Potentially on the chopping block are several academic counselors, school resource officers, and psychologists in special education. The list goes on and on in many different departments.

Teachers, staff, parents attending the meeting acknowledged the difficult decisions facing the board, but reminded decision makers to put the students first.

“I can’t tell you where the money should come from. I can only tell you that every kid in our city deserves that this room of adults asks themselves if we are doing right by our kids,” one parent said.

The meeting went so long Thursday, the discussion was halted at midnight and postponed for a later date, Boyle said. 

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