Visitors of Panda at San Diego Zoo in 1987 Invited to China for Birthday Bash

The Chinese zoo now home to a panda that briefly lived at the San Diego Zoo in 1987 is inviting San Diegans to China in November for the panda’s 35th birthday.

Fuzhou Zoo has launched a video showing images of folks who came to see the panda, Basi, while the panda was on loan from China for 200 days back in 1987.

An estimated 2.5 million people came to see Basi, but the Chinese zoo is limiting its invitations to the panda’s birthday bash to 35 people.

So do you see yourself from 28 years ago in these photos?

The zoo promises to pay room and board for the visitors identified in the photos if they cover their own transportation costs.

So if you see yourself in any of these photos or this video, submit the image to this site or email it to

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