Violent Sex Predator Will Be Released

Abuse dates back decades

An 81-year-old sexually violent predator with a long history of exploiting children should be released to a home in the rural community of Boulevard, a judge ruled Thursday.

Judge David Gill said John Norman had participated in a sex offender treatment program for six years and was ready for release on an outpatient basis. Under Jessica's Law, officials must look to rural and not urban areas to relocate sexually violent predators. There are no known parks, recreation centers and youth-oriented commercial establishments within a two-mile radius of Boulevard.

A group of Boulevard residents told the judge they don't want Norman living in their community.  "Anything that San Diego doesn't want to deal with, they sent it out to Boulevard," resident Lorelei Howard told reporters outside the courtroom.

Norman has convictions for child molestation in Illinois in 1976 and Colorado in 1988. He has also been convicted twice in California for distribution of child pornography in 1995 and 1998. His victims were all young males, ages 11-17.

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