San Diego's Violent Crime Rate Up 8-Percent: FBI

San Diego saw an 8-percent increase in overall violent crime in 2012 and a jump of 9-percent in murder

Violent crime in the city of San Diego has increased at a rate greater than the national average according to the FBI’s preliminary crime report.

Read: FBI’s Preliminary 2012 Crime Statistics

The FBI reports the nation experienced a 1.2-percent increase in the number of violent crimes in 2012 when compared to the year prior.

Regionally, the western U.S. reported a 3.3-percent increase in crimes that make up the violent crime statistic. They include murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

However San Diego saw an 8-percent increase in overall violent crime and a jump of 9-percent in murder.

In San Diego, there were 47 murders last year - nine more than in 2011.

In Oceanside, the violent crime rate jumped 17-percent year-to-year with the largest increase seen in aggravated assault cases.

Escondido was another standout reporting a 26-percent increase in violent crime in 2012 over the previous year.

While Carlsbad saw a drop in murder, 26 forcible rapes were reported which is more than twice the number reported in 2011.

There was a 0.8-percent decline in property crime in the U.S. That was not so in San Diego. The city saw a 6.7-percent increase in property crime year-to-year.

The preliminary report wasn't all bad news. In El Cajon, police reported a 30-percent drop in overall violent crime.

Chula Vista detectives investigated eight murders in 2012, two more than the prior year. However, the city’s overall violent crime rate dropped by more than 13-percent.

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