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Vigil to Remember VA Victims Rallies San Diegans Against Hate

A sea of candles lit up the night Sunday at the San Diego County Administration Building.

The vigil was just one of many held across the nation to honor Heather Heyer, who was killed at a counter-demonstration to a white nationalist rally in Virginia.

A car drove into the crowd of protesters, killing Heyer.

Two police officers were also killed in a helicopter crash while monitoring the protests and dozens were injured in the violence. 

U.S. Rep. Scott Peters (D-52nd District) spoke at the vigil, saying many people have given their lives in the fight for racial justice.

Organizers of the vigil say what happened in Virginia should be openly talked about.

“We think this is a thing of the past, it's not,” said Aaryn Belfer, who lives in the College Area.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of people gathered in Cottonwood Creek Park for a march for peace.

“When the dialogue is hateful, the results are hateful,” said Deka Gedleh of City Heights.

At a march and rally along Highway 101, marchers said they’re worried hate groups are growing in strength. “They were always there, but they were ashamed and they are not ashamed anymore,” said Corie Skolnick of Del Sur.

Belfer believes Saturday’s violence is a wakeup call to action.

“Those people who were in Charlottesville are not me and are not the people who are here tonight, but we are all responsible for undoing that,” he said.

San Diego's rallies were peaceful with no injuries or arrests reported.

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