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Video Shows Tandem Scooter Riders Crashing Into Trolley in San Diego

The riders appeared to lose balance before the scooter topples over

Video obtained by NBC 7 shows how a man and a woman riding tandem on an electric scooter came into the path of an MTS trolley in Logan Heights, sending both of them to the hospital.

Security cameras on the trolley captured the tandem riding between opposite-running tracks near 24th Street and Commercial Street.

As the trolley passed them on their right, they appeared to lose balance on the scooter. Both fell off the scooter and collided with the passing trolley before spilling onto the concrete.

The woman suffered minor injuries but the man's were described as severe.

The trolley engineer didn't notice the collision and continued down the track. While the scooter riders were not cited, a San Diego Police Department traffic patrol sergeant says riding without helmets, riding double and riding in an unauthorized area are all violations.

NBC 7 showed the video to other scooter riders and most of them agreed that the riders were being irresponsible.

"They should be more responsible and obviously limit one person to a scooter," Staci-Jo Palek said.

"I don't think they should be between that space because it is not a designated safe space," Bernie Delrosario said.

SDPD said since the crash happened in between the two tracks, MTS is in control of the investigation.

No other information was available.

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