San Diego

Video Shows Solana Beach Bluff Crumbling Away Into Pile of Sand

North County bluffs are eroding by the minute weeks after a collapse in Leucadia killed three people.

Cell phone video recorded Sunday in Solana Beach shows chunks of the bluff falling off the cliff and pouring into a pile of sand on the beach below.

Now a local Congressman is seeking federal money to help address the problem.

“I saw the sand coming down and I told my husband, ‘Look at that waterfall of sand. Is that normal?’”

It’s very normal. It’s Mother Nature is keeping her sand at the beach. But that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

Congressman Mike Levin has asked for $700,000 in federal funding to improve the bluff safety along Encinitas and Solana Beach to keep families safe.

NBC 7 reached out to Rep. Levin's office to see what they plan to do specifically with that money if it's approved but hasn’t heard back.

Meanwhile, Geologist Pat Abbot says there are deeper cracks in the cliffs that are also concerning. He says the sand will never stop falling and that those cracks are loosening over time, which could lead to a larger collapse.

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