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Video Appears to Show Aftermath of Dog-Driving Crash in Fallbrook

A dog owner is seeking anyone who may have seen her dog "drive" an SUV and crash into another vehicle in Fallbrook.

The dog was left inside the SUV unattended inside a running vehicle as the woman went into a Fallbrook grocery store, according to the post made in a Facebook community group.

That’s when the dog somehow put the car in drive or neutral and rolled across a lane, hitting an Acura, the post said.

"If anyone saw that accident... where it was a white SUV where the black dog was driving it, like as in an actual dog, driving the car," the dog's owner wrote in the post.

The dog owner is seeking witnesses because their auto insurance didn't believe them when they "put 'dog named Jake' as the driver" on their claim, the post said. 

"My dude came out to see, his car, and my dog super proud of himself," the post read.

Another social media user captured the aftermath of the crash on video. It showed a dog inside the front of a car, looking at the commotion around him.  

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