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‘Never Going to Sleep Again': Poway Resident Recalls Burglary While Family Slept

SDSO said if anyone sees the suspect or has information on his whereabouts, they should immediately call 911

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While authorities work to locate a man accused of vandalizing several properties and breaking into a home in Poway, one of his victims is recalling the gutting moment he realized his house was burglarized.

Daniel Jestand spoke with NBC 7 about the surreal experience. The unsettling crime happened while Jestand, his wife and their three children were asleep.

“When I woke up, the door was wide open," the Poway resident recalled. "I just thought maybe when one of the kids left to take their girlfriend home, they left the door open.”

Jestand became suspicious when one of his kids said their soccer bags were nowhere to be found.

“Once he said the bags were missing, and the door was open, I immediately checked my phone to see the cameras," he said. "There for sure was a guy in my house who didn’t belong there.”

Home security footage captured a man rummaging through the family's belongings. Law enforcement identified this individual as 33-year-old Corey Miracle, who remains on the lam. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department (SDSO) said based on Miracle's history, they believe he is armed with a knife.

While the Jestands are grateful they were unharmed during the frightening ordeal, patriarch Daniel said he will never forget the kindness and support his community has shown his family following the burglary. He said his neighbors have donated items to them.

"So out of all of this, I think that’s the amazing story," Jestand said. "That’s what I would want to sit down at night and watch on the news – the love and support that was shown to my children. It’s been amazing.”

He also joked that he will “never sleep again” following the scary experience.

SDSO said if anyone sees Miracle or if anyone has information on his whereabouts, they should immediately call 911.

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