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Victim in Deputy Fischer Case Starts Petition for Max Sentence

A victim of assault at the hands of former San Diego County Sheriff's Department Deputy Richard Fischer has started a petition on social media asking the judge presiding over Fischer's case to give the ex-deputy the maximum sentence and require him to register as a sex offender.

Fischer’s sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 10. He pleaded guilty in September to four felony counts of assault and battery by an officer, two counts of misdemeanor assault by an officer, and one count of misdemeanor false imprisonment.

Kathy Pillman was one of the victims of misdemeanor assault by an officer.

"I'm okay, I won't be if he doesn't have to pay for what he did, because what he did to me is nothing compared to what he did to other people,” Pillman said.

In the plea deal, all sexual assault charges were dropped and instead of 20 charges, Fischer pleaded guilty to seven. Had the case gone to trial, Fischer could have faced 25 years in prison and been required to register as a sex offender.

Fischer now faces five years in prison and Pillman hopes Judge Daniel Goldstein gives him that many. She’d also like to see Judge Goldstein require Fischer to register as a sex offender even though Fischer did not plead guilty to any sex crimes.

"That's all I can ask for now, that's all that is possible for him, so I will feel satisfied at least in some sense that we got that,” Pillman said.

“The judge would make his own decision, a fair and just decision based on the totality of the case,” Gretchen Von Helms, Fischer’s defense attorney said.

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