Victim Got Just $2200 from the Military

One of the homeowners from the La Jolla neighborhood who lost her home in the crash talked Tuesday about the release of the tapes and what she’s not getting from the military.

Sunny Wu and her husband and two daughters, ages 13 and 9, lived in one of the two houses that were destroyed. Read article

“I feel so lucky because it happened on a Monday at noon a few hours later my daughters would’ve been home,” said Wu.

Three members of the military visited Wu at home this morning including a 2-star general.

They discussed the findings from the recording with Wu and her family.

According to Wu, the pilot was instructed to land at NAS North Island. Wu said one of the military controllers guiding the jet in had to leave the discussion and a second controller stepped in. Wu said she was told the second controller didn’t know the jet’s second engine wasn’t getting fuel.

While she’s not well-versed in military policies and practices, Wu said she feels she now knows what caused the crash.

She’s more worried about the future because she’s not getting the financial help she needs.

Wu has received $2200 from the U.S. military right after the accident to help her replace some of the items lost in the crash.

What’s worrying Wu now is the red tape. It’s a full-time job just to get the help she needs, she said.

“It’s so hard for us the last few months and we still don’t know how we’ll get through it,” said Wu.

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