Jurors Found No Retaliation in SDPD Cartoon Lawsuit

A San Diego Police sergeant sued the city and the police department for harassment and retaliation

Jurors returned with a verdict in the controversial retaliation lawsuit filed by a San Diego police sergeant.

SDPD Sgt. Arthur Scott claimed the city and police department retaliated against him, after he complained about a cartoon shown in training.

The cartoon was included in the complaint and shows an ape dressed in a San Diego police uniform walking on patrol. In the cartoon, the officer is labeled "Cop McCarter", a reference to Officer Frank McCarter, the first African American police officer in the city.

Scott said he saw the cartoon with other officers in an August 2014 training session.

He claimed in the lawsuit that when he complained about the cartoon he was reassigned and passed up for promotion.

On Thursday, jurors found in favor of the police department. They said they found no proof of retaliation.

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