Vandals Damage, Deface San Carlos Rec Center

The search is on for the vandals who left behind a lot of damage and hateful graffiti at the San Carlos Recreation Center Thursday night.

Police say a vehicle was used to pull open the doors of the Mission Trails Little League snack bar on the property. Vandals also left behind the initials of a violent, hateful organization all over the building, including on its front doors, in plain sight of children who go there to play.

“It makes me sad and it scares me and I don’t want to ever see it," San Carlos resident Brooke Neuhaus said.

Though no valuables were inside and nothing was stolen, the league president says the smash and dash caused structural damage to the snack shop door.

“It's very disappointing and the money to fix it has to come from somewhere and they’re already trying to raise money to rebuild it and renovate it,” said Jodi Perez.

The city has already painted over one of the doors and they'll have to replace or repair others.

Right now, the suspect or suspects are facing vandalism and burglary charges. Once the investigation is completed, police will decide if it can be considered a hate crime.

At this time, police don't have any surveillance video or a description of the suspects.

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