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Vandals Caught on Camera Spray Painting Over Pride Flag on Scripps Ranch Home

The vandalism is now being investigated as a hate crime

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San Diego police are trying to find the vandals who have targeted a Scripps Ranch home repeatedly.

Long-time Scripps Ranch resident, Brittany Fuller painted a pride flag on her backyard fence that was later vandalized. The vandalism is now being investigated as a hate crime.

“I was born and raised in Scripps Ranch,” said Fuller.

She is proud of her neighborhood, but she became concerned recently after hearing teenagers were being bullied and harassed because of their gender identity.

“These kids deserve protection. They deserve to be themselves. Everyone in this community, everyone in this world deserves to be themselves, that’s what this is about,” said Fuller.

With the help of a muralist, and neighbors, Fuller painted a huge pride flag on her backyard fence. Shortly after, someone spray-painted the fence.

“They wrote DADT. Don’t ask don’t tell,” said Fuller.

"Don’t ask don’t tell" is the policy that prohibited openly gay military members from serving.

Surveillance video captured the vandals in action. After the discriminatory message was cleaned up, vandals returned to damage the mural again. They also damaged Fuller’s surveillance cameras.

“When I looked at the camera footage and I saw it seems to be younger kids, that was scarier than if it was adults because that’s the next generation,” Fuller said.

While Fuller is upset about some of the recent negativity, she’s also encouraged by the support she’s getting from neighbors.

“There’s been a great amount of support. It’s been incredible. It’s been filling my heart with so much joy,” said Fuller.

Fuller hopes the vandals get the education and help they need.

In the meantime, she said she will keep sending a loud message that Scripps Ranch is an open and accepting community.

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