Valuable Box Lost in the Move, NBC 7 Responds

A San Marcos man contacted NBC 7 Responds after a box of sentimental items was lost during his move and the moving company would not honor his insurance claim.

“I came from Lansing, Michigan-area,” Kenneth Meyer said, “I had lived there thirty-some years.”

Kenneth said the first leg of his trip, from Michigan to West Covina went smoothly. It was his next move to San Marcos where this retired insurance broker said he ran into trouble.

“They packed it in about three hours, they drove the van part way down here and locked it,” Kenneth said, “I understand the gate was locked overnight and they picked it up the next morning, drove it here.”

Before Kenneth hired Bekins Moving Solutions for the move to San Marcos, he said a Bekins representative sold him on buying insurance for the move, an additional $85.75.

“I said to their representative, ‘You know, I think for 97 miles I’m just not going to get the insurance.’ and he said, ‘You really should get that insurance, things happen.’” Kenneth said.

Kenneth packed up his belongings to move into his new mobile home. One box was marked ‘Good Leather Coat’ and Kenneth said it also contained expensive dress shoes, a rare music collection, and two Baccarat glass figurines.

“One box was the only thing that was missing and it was the one that, from looking at the descriptions on it, it was obviously the most valuable,” Kenneth said.

Kenneth said the missing box had the most sentimental value and because of the short trip, the moving company did not inventory every box. All Kenneth could do was submit an insurance claim but that didn’t go well either. He said the company denied the claim, saying in a letter, “...there was nothing listed as missing at the time of the delivery.”

“I took that very offensive, meaning that I probably made it up or lied,” Kenneth said.

Kenneth said he wrote a letter appealing Bekins’ decision but the company did not respond. His next letter was addressed to NBC 7 Responds, asking for help. 

“If you could resolve it, I would be very thankful,” Kenneth said. 

After determining the value of the items in his missing box, NBC 7 Responds reached out to Bekins Movers. 

Within a few days, Scott Harvey, President and Chief Operating Officer for Bekins Moving Solutions told NBC 7 Responds he promised to revisit the claim. Kenneth received a call and the President of Bekins offered to waive the insurance deductible and send him a check for over $1,700. 

In an email, Harvey told NBC 7 Responds, “Mr. Meyer had a successful relocation with Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc., unfortunately, several days after his goods were delivered, he discovered he was missing a box. Mr. Meyer filed a damage / missing item claim, however, that claim was originally denied which is supported by the California Public Utilities Commission and the Max 4 Tariff. Bekins Moving Solutions follows formal (sic) process for administering claims including a dispute process, which was outlined in the original claim dispute letter to Mr. Meyer. With the help of NBC 7, Bekins was able to review additional documentation including Mr. Meyer’s dispute letter, not originally received by Bekins. This additional information allowed the claim to be settled within 48 hours in Mr. Meyer’s favor. Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc. works hard to make customers for life, we are happy that we were able to resolve this claim matter with Mr. Meyer and hope to earn an opportunity to be of service to him in the future.”

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