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Vaccination Sites Empty as Cases Rise

Local San Diego vaccination sites are seeing a lower amount of people at many sites across the County.

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Coronavirus cases in San Diego County are on the rise.

More than 500 cases were reported on July 20, an increase from what the county's June average.

Despite the cases rising and the Delta variant spreading, many eligible San Diegans are not fully vaccinated.

“It was something that was in the back of my mind, but now that I’m coming in more contact with more people and wanting to go see the San Diego Padres baseball and Fernando Tatis and all that, I wanted to make sure that I’m ready,” San Diegan Richard Cardenas said.

According to San Diego County, almost 2 million people, or 69% of the eligible population, are fully vaccinated.  

Between July 16 and July 22, a total of 42,534 doses were administered in San Diego County. The current average is 6,504 vaccinations per day, which is down from the peak of approximately 10,000 per day.

Vaccine hesitancy has medical experts concerned that the county won’t reach herd immunity and could be dealing with COVID-19 for a long time.

San Diegan Gaby Cardona, who is halfway to be fully vaccinated, had many reasons for not getting vaccinated immediately, including that she wanted the rush to pass before getting her shot.

“I honestly wanted to wait to kind of die down. It was really big seeing everyone get vaccinated when it was first available. It was kind of overwhelming, so I kind of wanted to wait for it to calm down a bit,” Cardona said.

Vaccination sites that NBC 7 visited had few people receiving their shots, and at some there wasn't a single person.

“I was actually surprised with how little people were there,” Cardona said.

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