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USPS Truck Dumps Mail on Rain-Slicked Road in Escondido

Passersby spotted mail scattered along the road at Centre City and Citracado parkways in Escondido as the rain came down Tuesday night

As a storm hit San Diego County Tuesday, it delivered a bit of trouble for a driver with the U.S. Postal Service who, unable to stop on a rain-slicked roadway, dumped his mail load all over a street in Escondido.

According to USPS spokesperson Eva Jackson, a contract driver was traveling along Centre City and Citracado parkways just before 8 p.m., as the rain was coming down.

“With the rain, he was trying to come to a stop. One of the straps that holds all of the containers of mail that are on rollers, broke,” Jackson explained. “And the containers of mail just pushed out of the vehicle, broke the back of the truck door and just came out on the ground.”

Passersby spotted mail scattered on the ground.

Jackson a crew with USPS went to the scene to gather up the mail. It was all then loaded onto another postal truck.

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“The mail will go back to the processing center in Carmel Mountain Ranch, we’ll re-sort it, and get it back to the station for delivery,” she explained.

No other cars were involved in the incident, and no one was hurt, Jackson confirmed.

The first significant storm system of the season brought more than 2 inches of rain to Valley Center in San Diego’s North County Tuesday, while Ramona saw at least 1.5 inches and San Marcos 0.58 inches.

NBC 7 meteorologist Dagmar Midcap said Tuesday’s conditions also brought nearly 40 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, mostly over San Diego County’s inland valleys and mountains. In the late afternoon, some thunderstorms bubbled up here and there, Midcap said.

The storm system was expected to dump even heavier rainfall Wednesday. NBC 7 meteorologist Sheena Parveen said an additional 2 inches of rain and some light snowfall was expected in San Diego’s mountain ranges.

NBC 7 is tracking the storm throughout the day here.

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