USO Asks Americans to #Flex4Forces

The USO San Diego is asking people to Flex 4 Forces.

The social media campaign is “very simple” says Ashley Camac, director of the USO San Diego downtown center. “[It’s] just to raise awareness and show the troops overseas that we’re supporting them.”

To participate, people just have to take a picture of themselves flexing their bicep and upload it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. with the hashtag #Flex4Forces.

The nationwide campaign hopes to show service members on the front lines that there is strength in numbers and their country stands with them.

I think sometimes [an overseas] service member can feel disconnected,” Camac explains. “[But] when they can see their country is supporting their efforts, it makes a huge difference in their mind.”

The effort has garnered celebrity attention from people like Brett Favre, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Katharine McPhee and even the Rockettes.

“I think it’s always just an amazing feeling when you can see that what you’re doing and the work you’re doing to protect the lives of Americans that the…people in this country are showing that support right back,” Camac tells NBC 7.

The campaign started a few months ago and the USO hopes to continue it through the rest of the year. People who want to donate to the USO San Diego can go to their website and click ‘donate.' 

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