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USD Adapts Student Program So Networking Can Continue During the Pandemic

Typically, the Torero Trek program allows students to travel nationwide to network with businesses but that program has since gone virtual during the pandemic

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College students have another obstacle to face during the coronavirus pandemic -- being able to find a good job after they graduate. To help, local universities have had to get creative on how they can continue to offer services for students.

The University of San Diego (USD) has found a way to still offer students the opportunity to network, even in the midst of the pandemic.

The program offered at USD is called the Torero Trek program. Normally, students would apply and those who were selected for it would travel across the country to visit business leaders in person.

This year, the USD Career Development Center found a way to virtually visit great companies nationwide while still providing the same opportunity for students to get a behind-the-scenes look into different industries.

Some of those companies include Nike, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Amazon and Microsoft, to name a few.

Recently, there’s been an emphasis on students learning more about start-ups.

James Brennan, a USD alumnus who is the CEO and founder of Enlightened Brand Ventures, is one of the mentors in this program. 

“To have opportunities to see different businesses along the way and let them figure out what they like, what they don’t like," he explained of the program. "Are they more into operations, versus marketing? Maybe accounting? There’s all these different things and exposing them early especially in the start-up world, which is kind of where I live, I think it gives them sort of a shotgun approach of where they want to land."

Second-year USD business student, Sofia Patino, was chosen for the program and has since benefited from the connections she's already made.

“I’m just a second year in college, so having the opportunity to be in a Torero Trek and listening to all of these successful business people, it was just very eye-opening and I gained so much knowledge that I can utilize and grow from,” she said.

For more information on USD's program, click here.

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