U.S. Soccer Looking for Paralympic Athletes

USPNT Coach Stuart Sharp preparing for Rio 2016 games

Earlier this summer, the U.S. Paralympic Soccer Team clinched a spot for the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But Coach Stuart Sharp and company aren’t sitting idly by. Instead, they are on the lookout, ready to add some new talent to their roster.

“The next 12 months is going to be an exciting and busy time for the USPNT (U.S. Paralympic National Team). Like any national team we are constantly looking to recruit new talent…Our key focus is now next years’ competition in Brazil and we are going to work hard to make sure we give it our all to represent the U.S.A. with a team to be proud of,” said Coach Sharp.

In order to try out for the USPNT, players must have a background in soccer and either:

  • Been born with cerebral palsy
  • Suffered a traumatic brain injury
  • Have had a stroke

U.S. Soccer is looking for players for the adult team (ages 18-35) and is currently beginning a National Youth team starting at the age of 13.

Players are afforded the same rights as other U.S. Soccer teams. Meaning there is no costs associated with being on the team. Flights, accommodations and Nike sponsored clothing and footwear are provided.

If you are interested email coach Stuart Sharp: ssharp@ussoccer.org, or go to the U.S. Paralympic Soccer webpage at by clicking here.

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