Former Marine Freed From Mexico Jail Arrested Again

A retired U.S. Marine who was imprisoned in Mexico for almost a year on gun charges has been arrested again, this time in the U.S.

Retired Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was arrested in Twin City, Georgia Wednesday on allegations of carrying an open container of alcohol.

Tahmooressi was arrested for drunk driving and held on $4,000 bond, according to Twin City Police Chief Johnny Lee.

The Emanuel County Sheriff's Office confirmed Tahmooressi was arrested for the following misdeamenors during the routine traffic stop: driving under the influence, reckless driving, improper passing and open container violation.

The department released this statement on the ex-Marine's arrest:

"To dispel rumors of additional charges pending against Tahmooressi as a result of the traffic stop, our department can now verify that they are untrue. This was a “routine” traffic stop by all standards and there was nothing out of the ordinary that occurred during the arrest. We certainly do not condone driving under the influence of any substance, but those matters must be taken care of by the judicial process. It appears that Tahmooressi has no criminal history and no other arrests."

Tahmooressi's family confirmed his arrest in a social media post: "We are aware that Andrew Tahmooressi is under arrest for various traffic related offenses. The family again reminds all he is suffering from a significant mental illness and respectfully requests privacy. We all remain committed to getting him the help he needs."

Tahmooressi was released in November after spending eight months behind bars for crossing the U.S.-Mexico border with loaded guns. U.S. politicians, veterans groups and social media campaigns demanded Mexican officials release the veteran who had been in treatment for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) .

The 26-year-old Florida man said he got lost a San Diego freeway ramp that sent him across the San Ysidro Port of Entry with no way to turn back on March 31, 2014. Mexican authorities found three loaded guns and ammunition in the back of his truck.

The weapons were bought legally in the U.S. however it's illegal to possess weapons in Mexico.

U.S. politicians, veterans groups and social media campaigns demanded his release.

Tahmooressi did not admit wrongdoing, and he still maintains his innocence, his attorney said.

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