San Diego County

US Border Patrol Rescues 4 People Near Otay Mountain

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rescued people from the Otay Mountain area Thursday as a heat wave is sweeping San Diego County.

CBP confirmed to NBC 7 that around 1 p.m. four people needed rescuing from the Otay Mountain area. One was a Border Patrol agent and three were suspected undocumented immigrants.

The agent was located and transported to a local hospital and an adult male immigrant was also located and transferred to local hospital.

Other agents and emergency personnel were actively searching for the two additional persons in the Otay Mountain wilderness area.

No other information was available.

A heat advisory remained in effect Thursday as we saw temperatures above normal.

“We’re going to be seeing temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above normal during this time,” Matthew said. “It increases fire danger as well we’re seeing very dry conditions – and gusty winds, especially tonight.”

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