US Attorney Probes Incident at Councilman's Home

The office of the U.S. Attorney  is investigating an incident at a San Diego City Councilman's home that occurred in February, according to a police spokesman.

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The incident in February allegedly involving Councilman Tony Young came to light after a public records act request initiated by the

The document released by police Friday states that on Feb. 16 at 11:18 p.m., 911 operators received a call and that the reporting party told operators that she was having a fight with "husband Councilman Young" and did "not want to say if he hit her." It goes on to say that the reporting party was "yelling at him while on line" and that she was not injured. The document states that the type of report was "DOMESTIC VIOL/OCCURRING NOW."

Young's wife, Jacqueline Young, told the that "talking about the incident was extremely embarrassing and that her husband did not hit her. She said when she made the call she didn't want to answer any questions on the telephone" and that she just wanted her husband out of the house.

He told NBCSanDiego that he was embarassed about the incident.

Police arrived on scene eight minutes after the call was made, according to the report. What happened at the scene is not yet known, but the reported that no arrests were made and no charges were filed. The city attorney's office said no further information would be released.

"We aren't doing interviews on this because the US Attorney has the case now," city police spokeswoman Monica Munoz said in an e-mail on Friday. "We originally forwarded it to the city [attorney], but they made the decision to send it up to the US [attorney]."

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