Urine Trouble Now

The act of using the outside of a car as a urinal sparked a fight in downtown San Diego Friday morning. As a result, three people ended up in the hospital.

A man decided he couldn’t hold it any longer and let loose on the outside of a car just before 2 a.m. at E Street and 7th Avenue. Words were exchanged and the car’s owner drove off.

Later, when the car drove into a parking structure at 700 Broadway, the man who did the urinating walked up to the car, reached inside and stabbed a female passenger in the shoulder, police said.

The two men sitting inside the car got out and approached the attacker. One of the men was stabbed in the stomach. The other man received a minor slash across his stomach, according to San Diego police.

All three victims were taken to UCSD Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The stabbing suspect and a woman left the scene but were found in the Old Town area soon after and taken into custody.

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