Urban Mo's in Hillcrest Throws Maskless Bash Only for the Vaccinated

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Urban Mo’s in Hillcrest has always known how to throw a party, and more than a year after the coronavirus pandemic crippled their entire industry it looks like they’ve found a way to get back to doing what they do best.

Thursday was Dueling DJ Night and everyone wanted in, but no amount of cash, flash or arm candy could’ve gotten you in the door. That’s because bouncers were looking for two things: valid ID’s and proof of vaccination.

Signs at the door said guests must have been vaccinated on or before May 10 to enter.

“We do take their word for it,” one employee said. “Most of the vaccination cards are physical. Or if they have it in their phones, we also accept those. We look for their birthday and their name”

Once people showed their ID and vaccination cards, they could enjoy themselves inside mask free. Urban Mo’s mask rule is in line with CDC guidance, but San Diego County is standing by its allegiance to state guidelines which say masks need to stay on indoors at businesses whether you’re vaccinated or not.

“Being around San Diego, there's a lot businesses that are not following. They're not even doing it safe like we're doing tonight. So, we decided we were going to do it right and do it our way,” Urban Mo’s co-owner Matthew Ramon said.

Ramon said the community has been supportive of their efforts, and that's how they were able to stay in business during the pandemic.

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