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Upside Down Christmas Tree at Iconic Hotel Gets Mixed Reviews

Anyone who walks into the Hotel Del Coronado this season might have to do a double take at the upside down Christmas tree in the lobby. 

"This year we're taking a whimsical approach to Christmas," said Whitney Taylor, catering sales manager for the Hotel Del Coronado. "We want people to have fun!" 

Dozens of guests poured in and out of the hotel on Thanksgiving Eve, many eager to hit the beach with temperatures in the mid-90's. 

“The tree is absolutely gorgeous,” said Terry Nuzzolo, visiting the hotel from Boston. “It’s upside down of course and there’s lots of colors and those colors are reflected all throughout the lobby.” 

But some on social media said the upside down tree is disrepectful to traditional Christmas values. 

"I was very surprised when I saw it," said Kathy Parker, a hotel guest. "In a traditional, old hotel like this, a traditional tree would be keeping with the hotel." 

This is not the first time the Hotel Del Coronado has tried something new for Christmas. On the lawn of the hotel, you can see the world's first outdoor tree that was electrically-lighted for Christmas. That happened in 1904. 

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